The nomenclature of “clean” self-care brands is often deceptive or misleading, giving an impression of products which embody purity, ethics and integrity, when they may often be something quite different. We aim to disrupt this pattern by being overtly forthcoming.


Many of our ingredients have been cultivated in a regenerative, organic or biodynamic way and are innocuously plucked from nature; from our GOTS certified organic, Ayurvedic herbal dyes - often grown in one of our chemist’s personal gardens - to the living algae inks implemented on our shipping mailers. Our certified GOTS organic cotton wicks are some of the only in the industry, and the artisanal hand-blown crystal vessels we use are lead free and are meant to be recycled, repurposed or reused.


The fragrances we’ve developed are some of the first 100% naturally derived and we boast a “no nasty” list which we have found to be the most extensive in our field. The cannabis portion of our wax is created using only regeneratively farmed organic hemp plants, sourced from farms that are always either USDA, ROC, COFF, DEM Pure, Sun+Earth or Demeter certified. Any other vegetable based waxes in our blend are always as responsibly sourced as possible. Our packaging partners print on FSC certified, biodegradable, compostable and 100% recycled materials - implementing only vegetable and elemental inks, while proudly operating out of their zero carbon footprint facility.


By partnering with foundations and organizations - such as B-Corp, CNC,, The Ocean Cleanup, Conservation.Org, Rainforest Foundation, Ecologi, ECOCERT, How2Recycle and many more - who have kindred aspirations for regrowth and preservation, we strive to pursue a more unconditional, reciprocated relationship with nature. Restoring balance and endurance to a system which needs much fostering, encouragement and renewal in order to thrive once again.