With the inception of this journal comes the intention to breathe new life into the industries in which Everology plays a part. To enable the imbibement of new ideas and provide a space for creatives and pioneers to showcase their inventiveness and exemplary expertise. A stage to share adventurous, entertaining and eclectic ways to alter the paradigms in which they sit. 

We’ve endeavored to amplify the minds of skilled artists, perfumers, chemists, chefs, farmers, activists and so many more - who have a fresh outlook on innovative sustainability and regeneration. We plan to highlight inspirational individuals breaking away from convention and give stride to a collective that seeks to share unique thoughts, practices and experiences. Those with a deep awareness and a distinct vision of how to implement more forward thinking and gratifying methods.

The founding of this Journal is our attempt at elevating the archetypal ways in which most tend to approach their craft. Exploring the transcendence of predisposition driven by habitual actions and ways of thinking. We aim for this to be a platform for the vanguard, a medium through which visionaries can edify the public - to offer not only modern techniques, how-to’s and interviews, but also amusing and transformative, surprising yet effective, ways to rectify the ecological issues we face today - and lead us to much grander, more promising vistas.